Did you know that professional success starts long before you begin your dream job? It’s true! Whether you are successful or not depends largely on the work you put in before you get hired. This is the work that gets you noticed by hiring managers and assures decision makers that you are the right candidate for the position. To that end, here are the three things you can do today to set yourself up to get the job and enjoy a long and successful career:

1. Evaluate your online persona. Examine your personal and professional online persona. To begin, make sure you have a simple, appropriate, and professional email address. Then, Google yourself to discover what a potential employer might find out about you. Check out your photos, “likes,” and posts to make sure the best version of yourself shines through.

2. Polish your resume. If you are just beginning or in the midst of a job search, your resume should be polished and ready to distribute. When you find a job you’re interested in, tailor your resume to fit the position. Do this by examining the job description for the keywords and experience the employer is looking for, and highlighting your most relevant skills in your cover letter and resume.

3. Make connections. Employers like to hire people through connections. Even if the hiring manager doesn’t know you firsthand, they are more likely to set up an interview if you were recommended by a trusted mutual connection. To that end, let your friends, classmates, mentors, and colleagues know that you are looking for a new job. Also, start surrounding yourself with people who are already working in your desired industry, as they will likely know of relevant opportunities.