Shape Your Success Coaching is sporting a brand-new logo and an entirely new look. This marks a significant milestone in my journey, providing an opportunity to reflect on everything the old brand stood for and who I aspire to become moving forward. 

As I continue to grow personally, and as a business owner, I have discovered additional talents that I can apply to better serve my clients. While reflecting on my own brand values (professionalism, strategy, and support), I recognized that many only receive surface-level guidance whereas I do much deeper with the work I do. This sparked my new coaching and consulting services, workshops, and speaking engagements — all of which align with my mission: to show others how to strategically and purposefully make their next career move with clarity and confidence

My own self-discovery and expansive offerings were the inspiration behind my company’s new look and feel.  The best part is, like any good reinvention, is that I’m aligned with my purpose once more and I’m falling in love with my brand all over again.

You see, I was originally focused on helping others with job search strategies and writing resumes, but over time, as I worked with more clients, I realized that the bulk of what I was doing was helping my clients not only with their job search but helping them to get clear about what they really wanted out of their career and how to help people reach their full potential whether they were happy or unhappy on their career path. 

Today, I am taking a more holistic view. It’s not just about finding a job. It’s about being happy, finding fulfillment and advancing in your career.

As I recognized my own desire to do other fulfilling work, I was freed up to listen to my internal nudges and share my experience or journey or message with the help of my branding expert, Jenn Clark of JC Design & Media Rebranding Jenn has been a great motivator because it created momentum to show up to serve, continue to grow, and showcase my expertise. It also reminded me of the power within and the gifts that I have to share with others.

Like many women, I found myself doing it all but after taking the advice that I give to others, I made an effort to add a support team to help me realize my dream. Joanna Frabrizio, Endless Admin Solutions LLC was a gift from above in providing endless problem solving and energy so that I could move confidently towards my goals.

My company, Shape Your Success Coaching is committed to upward growth for my clients and for myself. After all, I must walk the walk and lead by example. I am ready for the next level and bet you are too!

Get in touch so we can begin to spark your career fulfillment.