One-on-One Coaching

Individualized attention to give you the leverage you deserve


Are you tired of just going through the motions? Let’s put those feelings to rest.

If you feel like you’re constantly treading water in your career, this is for you. When we have fitness goals, we seek a personal trainer to help us accomplish them. Working with a career coach is a similar process (minus the sweat and muscle soreness).

My own path started in what I thought was my dream only to find that I was simply trading time for dollars and was left unfulfilled. I subscribe to the belief that you can love what you do without sacrificing your personal life and values, which is exactly why I took the leap to share my expertise and knowledge with others.

When we partner together, I help you focus on identifying your own goals, how to align them with your career, and directly work with you to build your confidence so that you can lead with clarity. 

Picture this:

When you close your eyes and imagine your ideal career situation, what does it look like? How different is that from your reality? With a clear vision combined with a strategy, you can work and live with purpose.



I offer three core package options to put you on the right track. Here is how I can help you:


This service is broken down into four one-hour sessions where each session is focused on a specific area of focus to ensure maximum results. We’ll not only assess your strengths and weaknesses but also use my signature method to show specific examples of your skills and experience. Additionally, you’ll be given homework that will be reviewed together to keep you on task and keep everything moving forward.  


This six-month package includes 12 45-minute coaching sessions. You’ll be introduced to my step-by-step process with time to move forward on your result(s). Together we work on what’s important to you and work on the things that are getting in the way of you making progress. Potential outcomes include navigating a new career, successfully on-boarding into a new company, crafting a plan aligned or with your career goals.


Did you know LinkedIn is the go-to platform for recruiters and employers for finding talent?  In fact, 89% of recruiters find talent on LinkedIn, so it is key that you optimize your profile for increased visibility, leverage your skills and work experience in a unique way that grabs attention and attracts opportunities. With my help, I can show you how to make your social media profile work for you.

I Also Give Hands-On Workshops & Talks

Check out my availability so you can snag a spot to be part of one of my hands-on workshops or listen in on one of my talks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we meet for coaching sessions?
Nearly all coaching is conducted over the phone allowing both client and coach to have great flexibility in scheduling. I have clients throughout the United States. Zoom calls are an option and in-person coaching sessions may be available upon request.
How long will you need to work with a coach?
The length of time you work with a coach is dependent on a number of factors. Most clients find that they need at least three to six months of coaching for best results, but the relationship is controlled by the client. The amount of coaching is dependent on your starting point, where you want to go and how fast do you want to get there.
What are the benefits of hiring career coach?
The benefits range from a full span of career coaching services, including resume/cover letter review, job search strategy up to interview preparation and session packages for professionals. You’ll learn how to advance in current roles or navigate complete career transitions.
What if I need additional help after my sessions?
I offer three coaching programs that come with a set number of sessions, however additional sessions are available if you want to focus more deeply on a particular area. My coaching can be personalized for each of my clients, I am here to help you find your fulfillment.
How to prepare for a coach session?
It can be intimidating to ask someone for help, but my passion is helping others achieve their career goals. You deserve to have a career and not just a job. Some tips to follow before your first session would be write down what you want from a career, describe what success means to you and any questions you have for me.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s why I’m here!

“It didn’t take long before I had an invitation to an interview”

Marie is one of my past clients who I had the opportunity to work with through a career crisis. As an entrepreneur, her last full-time job was almost 18 years ago, and she wasn’t sure where to start. I began by helping her pull together and show all of her achievements to make her profile stronger. It was an honor to work with her from the job hunt process to landing the position to negotiating a salary. Through my services, Marie was able to own her worth.


Stephanie Grecco profile picture
“Crystal helped me get the clarity and confidence to get unstuck and land a new career. I was laid off after working for the same company for over 20 years. I felt lost and dejected, and the job search was yielding nothing but rejections, which resulted in extremely low self-esteem. Through Crystal’s one-on-one coaching sessions and career research exercises, I was able to decide on a career direction and focus my job search to targeted companies. In addition, Crystal reviewed my resume, suggested some changes, and helped me see the value and transferrable skills I had to offer, which helped boost my confidence greatly. A week after submitting applications with the amended resume, I got interviews, and within a month, a job offer. Crystal helped me through the salary negotiation stage and I landed a job that I love at the highest salary I’ve ever earned. I highly recommend Crystal’s career coaching services if you’re feeling stuck or lost and need help gaining clarity and direction in your career search.”
    Stephanie Grecco

    Business Analyst


    If now is not the right time, there are other ways I can support you. I recommend starting with my e-book to get the steps you need to get the career you want.