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12-Month Leadership & Performance Coaching Program

For high-achieving women leaders ready to unlock and maximize peak performance in life and at work without burnout and overwhelm to realize more success.

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If you have said any of these statements, you’re in the right place!


I keep getting passed over for leadership roles I am qualified for. 

I want to have a bigger impact at work and outside of work.

I feel stagnant and like I am losing my spark, this can’t be all there is. 

I keep getting the run around instead of support. 

Let me help you. The Leadership Luminary program  is designed to help you reach your goals without judgment so you can unleash your value and potential and, be armed with a success mindset to optimize and maximize your leadership skills and peak performance to acheive the next level of success you desire.  We challenge the limiting beliefs and will empower you to keep moving forward for the wins.


You will have access to expert coaching, community, resources, accountability and the support you need to combat imposter syndrome and increase your confidence, uplevel your leadership and decision-making skills , attract and navigate promotions, top-level salaries and build relationships and networks for long-term sustainable aand meaningful success.



Successful, self-driven senior level managers who, behind-the-scenes, are battling with self-doubt, increasing workplace visibility, and personal branding for relationship building and networking. You are ready to elevate and transform your career path and you want to propel your career with results obtained on your terms.  Join is if you want to take a proactive (not reactive) approach to managing your own career needs and gain (or regain) the confidence to continue to go after everything you want! 


You’ll have direct access to a membership site and exclusive private community where you’ll connect and build knowledge with others. in similar situations.  You’ll receive coaching activites, worksheets, training audio, and other resources. 


We’ll unlock your biggest obstacles through weekly Q&A and coaching calls with expert-facilitated discussions in a no-judgement zone that encourages community and connection. You’ll discover aligned solutions and reach new levels of empowerment.


You’ll be shown the keys to success with empathy. You can expect to become the career-shaping, confident, driven woman you know you are by learning how to leverage your talents, shift your mindset, network with purpose, and more.


“Work” looks different. You are likely feeling like you don’t have much control.  This is a transformative year-long journey designed exclusively for high-acheiving senior-level managers and executives.  If you are ready to take your leadership, personal and professional performance, and decision-making skills to new heights, you’re in the right place. This program is the gateway to excelling, achieving, and leading your life and career with unprecedented confidence.  I can help you make this a reality.

I have personally experienced and see time and time again through my coaching clients, the emotional affect managing a career can have on a person, particularly women. There is stress and burnout both behind the scenes and in plain sight manifesting as tears, avoidance, inauthentic conversations, isolation and the list goes on. In fact, some are dealing with physical illnesses as a result of the stress!

If this sounds at all familiar, I have created Leadership Luminary with you in mind! It’s a safe community, one in which you will be among other women who recognize the power of CHOICE when it comes to their work life and career and are choosing to OWN it all the way to success on their terms! 


This 12-month program is available on an on-going basis.  You’ll be introduced to my step-by-step process with time to move forward on your result(s). Together we work on what’s important to you and work on the things that are getting in the way of you making progress. Potential outcomes include deciding to stay or leave an employer, successfully transitioning or job on-boarding into a new company, crafting a personalized development plan aligned with your career goals or stabilizing employment at a current employer.

Once you’ve completed this program, here are some other options to consider:

Conquer Your Next Career Move

Keep the momentum going with one-on-one coaching for an additional six months with my signature program. We’ll tackle mindset shifts, personal branding, and more.

VIP Day Experience

In this one-day intensive, we’ll tackle your biggest top-of-mind hurdles keeping you from going after that dream job or promotion. Contact me for details. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work and how often do we meet?

Purposefully Positioned to Prosper is an online mentorship circle for women that will meet once a week.  Trainings will be conducted live and/or recorded.  Guest speakers will be live and recorded.

What is the difference between the group coaching program and thee 1:1 coaching??

The benefits range from a full span of career support provided by a certified expert and facilitator that includes interview preparation,  leadership development, training and resources and a community of women wherein you can ask candid questions, talk about difficult topics, share resources and information, networking as well as some group accountability to stay on track and motivated to acheive your your goals.

What if I want additional help in the form of private 1:1 coaching?

I offer a premium private coaching program and VIP experiemces that are availabl if you want to focus more deeply on a particular area. My expert coaching and consulting is personalized for each of my clients.

Learn the five steps women take to have more fulfillment

  • The 5 Steps to Transitioning to a Dream Job
  • A New Approach to Your Job Search or Career Transition
  • The BIGGEST Mistakes Women Make That Keep Them Stuck
  • A Soul-Aligned Career
  • Attracting Your Dream Job With a Success Mindset


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    Rachel Lodi

    VP, Originals Marketing

    Jennifer A. Foy, DHS profile picture
    “Upon accepting a new position in a new organization I set out to seek career and performance coaching. I was experiencing feelings of self-doubt, ‘imposter syndrome’, and anxiety in professional social settings that were hindering me from showing up as my best self. When I met Crystal her welcoming nature made it very easy for me to be open and vulnerable with her to better receive the help that I needed. She pushed me to set goals around identifying self-talk that was not serving me well and guided me on how to change my self-talk and replace it with more positive internal messages. Crystal encouraged me to do the work to break the cycle of not feeling like enough by collecting evidence and examining relationships. We set short term goals that I could achieve while working together and long term goals that I continue to work on. I look forward to future opportunities to work with Crystal and recommend her to friends and colleagues.”
    Jennifer Foy

    Associate Director, Clinical Oerations Program Leader


    If now is not the right time, there are other ways I can support you. I recommend starting with my e-book to get the steps you need to get the career you want.